The Social Network – What’s Real? What’s Not? A Must Read!

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Eduardo is not too innocent himself…

I just came back from seeing The Social Network, which Rolling Stone claims to be“The Movie of the Year.” I had low expectations for the film and believed that everyone was overhyping it, but after seeing it I will say that it is a great film. Why? It tells the “true” (really, how true is it?) controversial story of how Facebook began, which is currently the number 2 most visited website in the United States behind Google.

Since I am a social media nerd, I had to do my research as soon as I got back to campus to see what was real in the film and what was more for the cameras. I had to know if Mark Zuckerberg was as big of a jerk as the movie makes it seem. I just spent the past hour or two reading different articles online, and was surprised by my some of my results. I even was able to get my hands on the original articles from The Harvard Crimson that were mentioned in the film. What great free press for the school newspaper!

Months ago I thought it was too soon to release a Facebook film, but now I think it’s cool that everyone can find this information online since the incidents in the film are only from a few years ago. Here is what I came across; you’ll definitely want to check these pages out if you saw the film and are asking yourself, “I wonder if this part is really true?”

The Social Network Movie vs. Facebook True Story

I thought this website had a lot of information that I had not seen in the other articles I read. I also like the “Reel Face” vs. “Real Face” section they have so viewers can see the real faces behind Facebook compared to the actors who played them. I was surprised by how many actors actually resemble the people they played.

An Annoted Guide to Every Harvard Crimson Article Mentioned in The Social Network

Vanity Fair found all the original newspaper articles from The Harvard Crimson that were mentioned in the film and gave a short summary of each scene they are featured in.

Here are the articles…

Hot or Not? Website Briefly Judges Looks

Facemash Creator Survives Ad Board

Hundreds Register for New Facebook Website

Columbia Rebukes

Harvard Phoenix Club Accused of Animal Cruelty

Article explaining how much the Winklevosses actually made from their lawsuit…

The Facebook Movie is WRONG – Here’s How Much Zuckerberg Actually Gave The Winklevosses To Go Away

How off is the film in portraying the reality of the Facebook situation?

The Facebook Movie Is An Act Of Cold-Blooded Revenge – New, Unpublished IMs Tell The Real Story

At Last — The Full Story Of How Facebook Was Founded

The 10 Most Glaring Lies In “The Social Network”

Article about Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake’s character)

With a Little Help From His Friends

The book that the movie was based on, which is supposedly more fiction than the truth- The Accidental Billionaires

Another book I came across that I read is more credible but seems less dramatic- The Facebook Effect

How Harvard is reacting to the film. Also learned what a “final club” is reading this article. It’s comparable to a fraternity or sorority.

What Harvard thinks of The Social Network

“Social Network” Shown at Harvard

Mankiw Defends Against Harvard Stereotypes


The Real Mark Zuckerberg

After saying he would not watch the film, Mark Zuckerberg gives his take on ‘The Social Network’

An interesting article I came across about Zuckerberg breaking into a Facebook user’s private email account. This incident was not shown in the film, which I read Zuckerberg should be happy about.

Final verdict based off of my research: Many details are left out in the film to make Eduardo look completely innocent, while he really could have been the villain. Harvard does not seem supportive of the film at all and Zuckerberg does not seem too concerned with it. I want to see an interview with Eduardo about this film.

I can now sleep tonight after reading all of this.

Nick Schweers
Digital Media Chair