NEW 2011 Client: She’s the First, Hofstra University Chapter

Do you like cupcakes?  Well we do… and so does our brand new client for the fall, She’s The First! PRestige Agency is excited to announce that we will be working together with Hofstra’s branch of She’s The First for the fall semester!  She’s The First is a national non-profit organization that raises money for girls in Third World countries to go to school, so that they can be the first in their families to graduate. Hofstra is third in the country to have a branch of the non-profit on their campus. So what does this have to do with cupcakes?  She’s The First has different ways of raising their money, and one of those ways is baking cupcakes.  Tie-dye cupcakes, to be exact!  Want to know what they look like?  Stop by at their atrium tables during the week of November 1 to November 5, where STF will be selling them as part of the National Tie-Dye Cupcake Bake-Off! And look out for She’s The First at the end of this month, where they’ll be tie-dying donated t-shirts in the student center!  A great way to raise awareness about the cause, plus you walk away with a super-cute and new shirt.
Wondering how you can get involved?  Help out and share your ideas for our client at our meetings!  Mondays at 7 p.m. for on and off-campus meetings and 8 p.m. for agency meetings in the back of the Student Center Cafeteria.  And be sure to visit She’s The First’s events going on in the coming weeks!

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Tina Kolokathis
Digital Media Chair, PRestige

PRoviding Insight – The ONE Campaign

This entry was written by Hofstra University Public Relations major Michela DellaMonica

This entry was written by Hofstra University Public Relations major Michela DellaMonica

The ONE Campaign is an advocacy based non-profit organization that seeks to inform the public about global poverty and preventable disease.  It reaches out to all individuals, especially high school and college students, in creating awareness campaigns and targeted educational events for other non-profit organizations such as Africare.

Last semester, ONE: Hofstra Chapter put on a benefit concert for an organization called “The Sky is Not Limited” which works to provide clean drinking water from desalted ocean water to countries that don’t have clean drinking water.  We had four bands perform and raised a successful amount of $300 for the organization.  This semester ONE: Hofstra Chapter held a benefit dance show on Wednesday April 29 in honor of Genocide Awareness Week and African Awareness Day called “Hofstra Gives Back: Dance Show for Africa” that helped fund a school in Kenya.  ONE also co-sponsored the Hofstra Music Fest on May 2, 2009.

As a Public Relations major and a passionate individual that believes in social change, the ONE Campaign has helped me apply my public relations skills hands on such as writing pitch letters to different organizations on and off campus and creating campaign ideas for our organization.  My experience thus far has been challenging at times such as dealing with unexpected problems, but rewarding to be able to commit myself to a good cause and contributing what I’ve learned in my public relations classes to this organization.

At Hofstra University, the ONE Campaign has a small, yet determined organization of students who aim to create student oriented and related activities of activism.  What many Public Relation majors and minors don’t know is that the ONE Campaign: Hofstra Chapter and the ONE Campaign in general, utilizes public relations skills and tactics to construct these events.  It is a great organization to get involved with for those interested in Non-profit PR or Non-profit activism in general.

You can follow Michela through Twitter with her username alehcim88.  How clever, her name spelled backwards.