PRestige All-Star: Mike Margolis

Mike Margolis

What makes Mike stand out from the crowd? Why is he not like just any other PR major? Read about his musical twist below!

Where are you from?

I hail from Allentown, Pennsylvania.


Public Relations with a Dual-Minor in Marketing and Music.

What made you interested in your major?

I just love working with all types of people: media, clients, and the public alike.  I also love the fast-paced work environment and the constant demand expected from me.

What are you involved in on/off campus?

Currently, I work for Campus Socialite Media, a marketing firm that’s on the up and up.  I’m working on a few projects right now, the main one being the Fall 2010 Blitz and Beatz tour.  I’ve been helping to organize, produce, sell, and do PR for concerts and events around the country.  It has allowed me to work with Fortune-500 companies,  large musical acts, and act as the spokesperson for Campus Socialite during some interviews. I highly recommend doing at least two internships in college: one bigger name and one smaller name.  With this latest internship, I’ve gained so much experience different than what I learned at Motown because they rely on me so much. What I’ve discovered and learned has been irreplaceable and I’ve been really lucky to be a part of the company. I highly, highly recommend working for a smaller company if you get the chance.

Can you tell us about your Motown internship this past summer?

I had a fantastic experience this summer at Motown, and I really owe a lot of it to Professor Frisina.  I helped work events, did some tour press, lots of press clippings, and put together hundreds of press kits.  What was cool was as a college student I got to meet stars such as Kelly Rowland (from Destiny’s Child), Birdman, Nelly, and Shontelle.  The longer I was there, the more  trust they had in me, and the more fun stuff I got to have because of it.  No matter what internship you do, there will always be press clippings and copies, but if you go at it with a positive attitude and do it right, you will be given more fun and exciting opportunities.

Where do you see yourself after Hofstra?

In a gutter?  No really, as a senior graduating in May, it’s a pretty humbling process even thinking about where you’re going to be next year.  I really, really love the music world and I see myself working in the industry next year.  The problem is it’s extremely tough to break into, but that won’t stop me from trying.  Right now, I’m looking into concert promotion and music management, which is what I would love to be doing, but we’ll see where this year takes me.

What advice do you have for anyone else who wants to be an all-star?

Work hard in your PR classes, take everything you learn seriously, talk to you advisers, and work hard at your internship(s).  Most of this world is about networking, and it’s a process that starts in class.  If you work hard in class, your professors notice, they then help you with internships, where you make crucial connections that hopefully lead to jobs.  Most of all, find what you love and run with it.  Like I said, I could be sitting in a ditch next year, but I know I won’t regret a thing because I’m pursuing a career in something that I love to do and am happy doing.

Do you have a Twitter page or blog? If so, what are their URLs?

I do have both.  I just got a Twitter a few weeks ago, and my name is @Margolisnation.  I’m a passionate Philadelphia sports fan and, if you couldn’t tell, love the music world. Both of which are reflected through my twitter.  Also, the marketing company I work for runs a pretty major college blog with 30,000+ hits a day,  Anyone who has questions or comments can feel free to email me at  Hope this is helpful to all of you younger PR students!