PRestige All-Star: Brian Marquis

Brian Marquis

Brian Marquis is a true face of Hofstra University and well-respected by his peers and administrators. We all know him for his contributions to the university, but find out more about his communications experience and trip to Africa below!

Where are you from?

Wallingford, CT


Video/TV and Film

What made you interested in Hofstra?

Being so close to NYC was important, especially for my industry. But when I came to campus, I learned about all the amazing opportunities I could get involved with. Hofstra offered a lot of co-curricular activities in and outside of my major that I could be a part of.

What are you involved in on/off campus?
On campus, I am the Comptroller for the Student Government Association, a member of HEAT (Hofstra Entertainment Access Television), TNL (Thursday Nite Live), WRHU (Radio Hofstra University), and I am a Student Ambassador in the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Please describe your past/current internships.

My first internship was with  The organization is a website dedicated to colleges and universities who provide video tutorials about their campuses.  I was a campus representative and edited video packages about Hofstra University for the site.My second internship was with a radio station on Long Island, KJOY 98.3 and 96.1.  I got to do  production work, work their events, and help out in the office.  I mainly worked their morning show, and sometimes worked during the day.  I really enjoyed working there, the people were really great, and I learned a lot.

We know you took a trip to Africa last winter, can you please tell us about your trip and your documentary?

I went with Christina Myers, a broadcast journalism major.  She had asked me to go with her to volunteer and help her document the trip.  We went through Kids Worldwide, which set us up with Triumph International School and Orphanage in Ghana.  It was an amazing experience.  The people were amazing, everyone is just as interested in you as you are of them.  We taught a few classes, but mostly worked on a play with a group of kids after school.  We wrote the play, made the costumes, and the kids performed it for the entire school. We created a story about Mother Nature, earth, wind, air, water, people, plants, and animals that live in the world. The play focused on how to keep our natural resources clean.

Where do you see yourself after Hofstra?

Eventually running or creating my own network, or WebWork (Web Television Network), or producing some kind of content.  Right after graduation? Living in a card board box in NYC, ideally near Central Park (because it is quieter) and working at a television network, or where ever the wind takes me…

What advice do you have for anyone else who wants to be an all-star?

Set goals, be driven, and be nice to people.

Do you have a Twitter page or blog? If so, what are their URLs?

Twitter: @Producerbtm