Hofstra’s PRSSA

PRSSA (Public Relations Students Society of America) is a nationwide organization founded to develop a relationship between students and Public Relations practitioners. Today PRSSA has more than 9,600 members in 284 universities nationwide including Hofstra University.

The Hofstra University chapter of PRSSA started over six years ago. A small group of public relations students started the chapter because they wanted to expand their knowledge and network with professionals.

Since the Hofstra chapter was established, they have been able to bring at least two speakers a semester and visit PRSSA headquarters, NASDAQ, and American Express. PRSSA have given their members networking opportunities by having Networking Dinners that have risen close to $600 and  two Find your Niche events that give professionals and students a chance to interact. The PRSSA chapter started with five active members and today has close to a 100 active members.

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