Summer Vacation:The PR Professional’s Way

Attention Fellow PR students! Finals week is inching closer and that means another academic year is quickly coming to a close. Thoughts of summer vacation are running wild through our brains. But before we shred our notes, return our textbooks, and enter a much awaited state of summer-vacation oblivion, we should take some time and see what the knowledge we’ve gained this past year has to offer us during this time off.

Think about it. Spending three months absent from any class or homework in the summer can have its effect on us. Beaches and barbeques certainly have their appeal. It becomes easy to lose our educational focus. Don’t put PR on the back-burner! Use what you know to your advantage!

Here are some fun and helpful ways to achieve that goal:

1.       Apply for a summer internship! – Many companies/PR firms look for part-time and full-time summer interns. Why not get the tangible experience you need without the stress of school in your schedule? It’s the perfect opportunity for you to gain a solid understanding of the industry and build your resume. Are you still in need of credits for school? Some employers will be happy to offer you an internship for credit, you just have to ask.

2.       Volunteer! – Do you tend to be a philanthropist? There are lots of non-for-profit organizations that accept volunteers, especially during the summer. Do some research – Volunteer work is not only impressive on a resume, but contributing to a cause and raising awareness always feels great too!

3.       Take a summer class! – Before you turn this one down, hear me out. Along with Hofstra’s summer sessions, almost every other institution offers classes for students in the summer, too. They only run for a few weeks and are a good way to really put a padlock on any information you need before you start your fall semester.  The goal is to enter the PR  industry knowing your stuff. A summer class will help you accelerate your education and keep the academic juices flowing.

4.       Start your own campaign! – You don’t have to keep the PR methods you learn confined in the classroom. An excellent way of gaining experience in public relations is actually putting your own PR strategies to use. Do you have a friend who is an aspiring musician/artist/dancer? Does your family have a small business? “Hire” yourself as their personal PR executive and see what you can do for them. Be smart and creative! You never know how far your promotions will take your clients – and you!

Gabrielle Barikian, Junior Public Relations Major, English Minor


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