What You Need to Know as a Public Relations Student

Between classes and internships, public relations students are constantly consuming information. We learn a number of PR tools, ways to reach audiences, how to write according to the AP style guide and much more. All this information can be a lot to consume and may occasionally slip our minds, but there are some aspects of PR that shouldn’t be forgotten.

As PR students, we want to make sure that we possess strong writing skills. Whether we are constructing a Tweet or a press release, we want to be on our A-game because the content that we write will reach many people. Even if you’re receiving perfect grades on all your class assignments there is always room for improvement. One way to better your writing is through reading newspaper articles. You can learn just by seeing how other writers construct sentences and the wording they choose to use. You also may want to try blogging which is a fun way to practice your writing skills while creating an online presence.

Another element we don’t want to forget is how to form an effective and strong PR plan.

  • The first step to a great PR plan is determining your client’s objectives. What are their goals? What are they looking to get out of the campaign?
  • Secondly, you want to establish your target audience. This is extremely important when it comes to choosing your communication medium and strategies. As PR professionals, we won’t get anywhere in a campaign without a specific audience to target.
  • Third, you want to determine which strategies are best for your client. Here you decide the overall tools that will go into your campaign (i.e holding an event or pitching to bloggers).
  • Finally, it is time to create and assign tactics to each strategy. If you decide to hold an event, what exactly does your event consist of? If you are pitching to bloggers, what are you saying?

If you follow these steps, you will be on the right track to a successful PR campaign.

Last but not least, as PR professionals we need to stay with the times and know what “the story of the day is.” Our world is constantly changing and our audiences are changing with it. In order to successfully reach the public, we need to be aware of the most effective strategy to get the message out.

Currently, social media is one of the leading methods to reach the public. As a PR professional make sure you know the best ways to use websites such as Facebook and Twitter in order to benefit your client. Who knows what the next big thing will be, but make sure you don’t take too long to find out.


Daniele Natola, Junior, Public Relations

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