There’s an ‘App’ for That: Marie Claire’s Transition into the Digital World

Last Christmas I received one of the most amazing- and unexpected- presents I could ever imagine.  I got an Ipad. I was ecstatic to experience the “magic” of the Ipad for myself. After tinkering with it for a few months I found my all time favorite magazine, Marie Claire, as an app. I have been an avid reader of Marie Claire since I was sixteen. Since moving to the U.S., I have religiously bought Marie Claire magazine every month. However, once I discovered the Ipad application I immediately signed up for a year’s subscription.

To my pleasant surprise, the digital version was much cheaper than the physical magazine and came with much more information. Marie Claire’s digital Ipad application offers subscribers a variety of features not possibly in a regular print copy. In the digital form images are constantly changing, taking those famous quizzes are much easier (especially when you only need to tap your answer instead of finding a pen and circling your answer), some of the fashion accessories such as shoes, bags, and clothes can be seen in a 360 degree panoramic view, and when looking at a models profile you can flip through more pictures of her wardrobe, giving you even more style ideas!

Marie Claire’s transition into the digital world, mainly in the form of an Ipad application, is absolutely remarkable. As far as I can tell the Marie Claire application is much more advanced than any other magazine found on the Ipad. Some magazines don’t even have an app! I, for one, am grateful for the transition because instead of having magazines tossed around my dorm room, I can have all of my Marie Claire issues in one place. I have 360 degree views of several fashion items. I can view more images and exclusive videos on the Ipad that obviously aren’t available in the print version. When I return home I have instant access to my favorite magazine with a simple Wi-Fi connection for download and most importantly let’s not forgot how eco-friendly this is! As much as I love those glossy magazine pages, think about how eco-friendly a digital magazine is. Not only is Marie Claire responding to changing consumer behavior and providing a digital on-the-go version for our fast paced society, it’s also leading the way in the future of magazines.


Shirley Huyhua, Freshman, Public Relations


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