Brand Yourself: Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

Public Relations is a growing field, and the increase in jobs means an increase in competition. With more and more students graduating with a degree, standing out amongst the crowd is more important than ever. One of the best ways to stand out amongst the rest is to create a strong online presence for yourself. Build an online reputation that you manage and allow to grow. The goal is to show up high in a Google search. Promoting yourself to the right people online and using social media correctly can put you ahead, leaving a favorable impression among potential employers.

Many employers use Google to find out about potential employees. In a recent Career Builder survey, more than half of employers will use social media to screen job candidates. It is vital to screen yourself online and see what information shows up in an online search, before a potential employer does. Create credible and useful content to stay ahead of the competition. Show off your attitudes and attributes that illustrate your capabilities as a worker.

When creating a personal brand it is important to:

Know who you are– the first step in branding yourself is knowing and understanding who you are. Figure out what you want to be known for. What makes you different from everyone else? What qualities do you have that will make people want to follow or work with you. These are tough questions to answer but topics you will need to address to brand yourself.

Create a presence where it counts– Your personal brand should have a presence. Employers screen potential job candidates on websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Being on these popular websites is not enough especially as a potential Public Relations professional. A blog or personal website sticks out.  A great example of this is Nick Schweers, the Digital Media Chair for PRestige Agency. Nick has an excellent website as well as a presence on multiple social media platforms. His personal brand is consistent on each platform.




Be Honest– We are college students and far from experts on anything, be honest about what you know and who you are. Employers will find out if you aren’t being genuine and a bad reputation is hard to fix.

Your personal brand will help separate you from the faceless masses and put you ahead in a job or an internship search.


Marise Montrose,Senior, Account Executive of Recruitment, PRestige

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