Tips and Tricks to Working a Red Carpet


Hofstra PRSSA Executive Board at the Writers Guild Awards

An emerging trend amongst public relations majors at Hofstra University is to establish a career in event planning instead of your typical PR agency or company. As the Co-Chair of Fundraising for our PRSSA Chapter, I have planned networking events, and have helped plan a holiday gift guide event at my past internship. I have learned that event planning is not as easy as it may seem. It requires a lot of hard work and time to successfully plan an event that the public will want to attend. Not to mention, the work doesn’t stop until the event is completely finished.


This year PRSSA’s President Lisa Jablon, my Co-Chair of Fundraising Megan Messina, and myself were granted the opportunity to help Goldman Communications by working the red carpet at the Writer’s Guild Awards show.

This experience was unlike any other experience I have had before. Below are some tips to remember when working a red carpet:

1. Wear comfortable shoes. You’re on your feet for hours and will find yourself running after paparazzi that refuse to follow the rules. Comfortable shoes will become your best friend during long events.

2. Mentally prepare yourself for the paparazzi. I have seen countless movies with paparazzi and they are exactly as you would expect them to be – sloppy looking and rude – so be prepared for the worse.

3. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and enforce the rules. Paparazzi do not like being told that they don’t have access to certain areas. It’s important that you always enforce the rules (even if it means raising your voice).

4. Not all celebrities like the red carpet. Who enjoys being shouted at and having cameras in their face with no way to escape? You are allowed to make the red carpet move faster for the celebrities! Just ask them if they would like to enter the party, if they say yes announce to the paparazzi that this will be the last question, allow them to answer it and then escort them in. They will be grateful, trust me!

5. Make sure the paparazzi exit. When the red carpet is over only a few of the paparazzi, if any, will be allowed to enter the main event so it’s important to make sure that they promptly exit the vicinity.

6. Have fun! Although working a red carpet is stressful, it ‘s cool to see celebrities up close and be so involved in the action. Remember to enjoy yourself!


Kimberly Caro, PRSSA’s VP of Fundraising-Philanthropy 2010-2011





One thought on “Tips and Tricks to Working a Red Carpet

  1. This is great! I’m working a red carpet tomorrow to help a friend and this helps me tremendously! Thanks! Love the pic too, now I know what to wear!

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