The Newest Addition to Hofstra’s PR Faculty: Professor Jeffrey Morosoff

Professor Morosoff

With 30 years of public relations experience under his belt, Professor Jeffrey Morosoff has had an interesting career path thus far. In between classes, I made time to stop in and speak with the newest addition to the Hofstra public relations department, learn more about his public relations experiences and his involvement with the Public Relations Professionals of Long Island (PRPLI), of which he is the former president.

Explain how you got into Public Relations?

I started off in radio as a disc jockey, playing music on the radio. Eventually, I ended up doing the news for 106.1WBLI on Long Island. My public relations career began at the age of 23.  I happened to bump into a college friend who was working as the Director of Public Affairs at Cablevision. Three weeks after that meeting she called and offered me a position as the Assistant Director of Public Affairs at Cablevision. After three years at Cablevision, I went into government PR, doing freelance work for elected officials running campaigns, and media relations.

I got into teaching when I took a PR and Alumni Relations job at my alma mater, New York Institute of Technology. I received my masters and began teaching as an adjunct at NYIT. Shortly after that, I took an administrative position at Nassau Community College before becoming a full-time faculty member at Hofstra University this past September.

What was your biggest accomplishment in Public Relations?

There is euphoria in working on a campaign for an elected official and winning on Election Day. One of my greatest moments in PR was when I helped launched a recycling program in Babylon. My job was to get the word out about how to recycle, what to recycle, and when to put out their blue bins. There was a six-month education program leading up to the launch. On the day of the launch, I drove around and saw that 80% of the homes had their blue bins outside. I thought I did a good job effectively communicating the message to recycle.

What is your advice to graduating seniors?

You cannot overestimate the value of networking. The more people you know the easier it will be to find avenues of work. Networking does not mean with just professionals, but with classmates too. My first job in public relations came from a classmate who was in a position to hire me. Keep in touch with those you think will be successful, and they can help you succeed.

To work in this industry, you need to be a good writer or you will not last. Don’t be shy. Be aggressive because it is the aggressive people that get ahead in public relations.


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