PRestige Agency’s Honest Donations to Breast Cancer

PRestige Agency Bake Sale

Last week, Prestige Agency helped close out October’s Breast Cancer
Awareness month with our very own breast cancer awareness bake sale.
Our table, set up on-campus in front of Dempster Hall, was covered with breast cancer awareness themed cupcakes, cookies and brownies. In addition, we also handed out pink ribbons and breast cancer themed Honest Tea bottles to each person who donated to the cause. The baked goods sold out quickly and our hearts were warmed by all of the wonderful donations and words of support.

Charlsie and Alex with Honest Tea

We were very excited to see how many people were so willing to offer up whatever change they had to help. Fifty percent of the proceeds we raised have been donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research Fund. We greatly appreciate all of the help from those who donated! Also we would like to give a special thanks to Honest Tea for their generous donation to our bake sale. Next month we will be holding another awareness bake sale, so keep an eye out for our flyers!

If you would like to help our fundraising team plan November’s awareness fundraiser please email

Ariel Gaworecki Account
Executive of Development


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