Hofstra’s PRSSA Through the Eyes of our Chapter PResident

Halfway through the first semester of my senior year at Hofstra University, I expected to be stressed, busy, and worried about the future. However, being a part of PRSSA and serving as the President for the 2010-2011 academic year has given me so many opportunities, allowed me to build strong connections, and gain valuable friendships.



Being a member of PRSSA is a very beneficial and informative for all public relations majors, and really any major within the School of Communication. Our chapter specifically focuses on networking, philanthropy and making connections for the future. We really enjoy helping our members find their niche in public relations and meet professionals so that they feel comfortable when they go on an  internship or job search.  We also stress the importance of a résumé, cover letter, and portfolio. PRSSA does workshops within our meetings so that our members can learn about these important tools.

A lot of students ask me what they can do as a member of PRSSA. I can never stop talking about the membership advantages and the variety of events, seminars, and workshops we put on throughout the year. There are so many positive ways that students can learn and be involved with PRSSA, we can only hope that all of our members take advantage of what we have to offer.

Already this semester, we had a vocal lesson from Dean Murphy, in which  she taught us how to speak correctly and create a strong vocal pitch. Speaking is one of the most important aspects of public relations, we were extremely thankful to have her at our meeting.

Dean Murphy's vocal lesson

November 18th is the fourth annual Hofstra PRSSA Networking Dinner. This year, we asked all of our members at the very first meeting to tell us what types of public relations they were most interested in, and have contacted professionals according to those sectors of PR. We’re hoping, as always, that this year’s Networking Dinner is bigger and better than last year. We’ve booked a larger space (because we outgrew the old one), we’re reaching out to top-named companies, and we’re ready to network!

We have planned a “Networking & Shmoozing” workshop with the Career Center for November 17th, which is the day before our Networking Dinner. Our members can learn proper ways to network and socialize with the professionals in attendance.

We’re also planning a portfolio workshop with our adviser Professor Semple during the December 1st meeting so that our members can learn how to set up their portfolio and what types of things should be in it.

Looking ahead to next semester, PRSSA will be planning interactive panels, a field trip, and our second networking event, Find Your Niche.

Based on that long list of events, most people probably think that I have no time to do other things outside of PRSSA. Fortunately, I do have plenty of time to continue through senior year, but I can honestly say that PRSSA really is my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Lisa Jablon
Hofstra PRSSA’s President


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