360i’s Social Marketing Playbook

Let’s face it. It would almost be foolish now for corporations to ignore social media in reaching out to their audiences. Businesses are taking full advantage of social media and the ability they have to engage audiences. Whether they are blogging, using Facebook, tweeting, or putting themselve’s on FourSquare’s app, companies are having conversations with their audiences and reaching out to them in new ways. It isn’t easy though. There is much thought that needs to go into a social media campaign before the Facebook or Twitter page are even made. Are Facebook and Twitter even the correct outlets for what the company is looking to do? How are they going to reach out to a specific market? 360i, an award-winning digital marketing agency, has developed a guide that answers all of these questions and much more. Companies can no longer get away with just making a Facebook page and expect successful results. How are they going to stand out and engage audiences? According to 360i’s Social Marketing Playbook, these are the key steps brands should follow while engaging in social marketing…

A Playlist for Social Marketing

-Actively listen and observe before getting started
-Establish clear objectives and success metrics
-Evaluate opportunities through your unique strategic lens
-Create a unifying concept or theme
-Construct your social marketing architecture
-Aggregate and/or build social media assets
-Develop a plan for monitoring and responding to consumer decisions
-Roll out an integrated earned and paid media promotional plan
-Nurture your fans and community
-Measure against objectives and optimize continuously

Source: 360i Social Marketing Playbook

Cover of the Social Marketing Playbook

Whether you are into public relations or marketing, this guide offers very important insight on using social media professionally and strategically. I found each chapter very informational and also enjoyed reading the contributing articles such as “Telling Your Brand’s Story with Social Media” and “How to Write an Award-Winning Tweet.” Be sure to check this guide out! You can even download it for free as a PDF so you always have access to it right on your computer. Let us know what you think of it!

Read/Download 360i’s Social Marketing Playbook here

Nick Schweers
Digital Media Chair


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