Do What you Love and Try to Pay The Bills: The Ultimate Dilemma Come Graduation

Maggie Mistal, Sirius XM radio host of “Making a Living with Maggie” explains how

As a graduating senior, the thought of attending anything career oriented within the past couple months has been both exciting and exhausting. With so much advice on how to sell yourself in this ever-changing job market, it was refreshing to meet someone that reverted back to the basics.

Do what you love! This was Career Coach, Maggie Mistal’s main theme as she spoke to Hofstra University PR seniors last Thursday. It is a concept I think we all forget too easily, especially as a (sometimes) jaded New Yorker who has been told on several occasions she should just take what she can get in this economy. Mistal, who doubles as a radio host and TV contributor, advises recent grads to do the very opposite, to never settle and to always think about the next thing.

“Once you’re in, you can move around. She advised us to follow our passion- if this means getting a foot in the door at a particular company we love, but not nailing the exact title we desire, right out of college it doesn’t mean that we are settling at all.

Never stop networking, always have a plan B. Mistal notes that we shouldn’t become too comfortable, never fully relying on one organization to provide you with job security because at the end of the day those two words may not exist- to anyone, in any industry, regardless of the economic conditions.

While I walked away with a notebook full of applicable advice the one thing that resonated the most was Mistal’s explanation of the “15 second pitch.” It should include the following and always be on the tip of your tongue:

1)      Who you are

2)      What’s your career path? (What have you done?)

3)      Why would you be a good fit?

4)      Call to action: Consideration for a job/informational interview

The early bird catches the worm. #4 on the list was a large topic of discussion amongst my peers: the information interview. What is it? When should you do it? Why should you do it? Mistal recommended reaching out to individuals that you admire or who can help your own career questions based on their company/industry affiliation. She encourages all seniors to reach out to these people whether it is a casual cup of coffee or an in-office interview; even if there are no current positions open at that company. Help employers help you; give them a face to associate with your resume! She stresses opportunity is always there and the people who are proactive are the ones who find it first. So don’t be afraid to reach out to relevant professionals you may find on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter!

Mistal also offered up some great resources to check out for upcoming/recent college grads:

Lindsey Pollack’s “Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to Do before You Join the Real World”

Visit for the latest in career advice and follow Maggie on Twitter @MaggieMistal today!

Stephanie Grabbe, Senior PR major, Co-VP of Fundraising (PRSSA)


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