SPINdustry: Taking the Misrepresentation of PR to New Heights

Kim Kardashian has just added Executive Producer to her title after producing The SPINdustry. The SPINdustry is a reality show/documentary that shadows the Miami based entertainment public relations agency Command PR. The show aired its first episode this past Sunday following the season finale of Kim Kardashians reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. The SPINdustry stars publicists Jonathan Cheban and his “right-hand man”, Simon Huck as they deal with the world of celebrity PR and plan the launch of a “luxury lollipop”.

Watch the promo here:

Now I didn’t watch much of the episode, I had to turn it off within the first 10 minutes. However from the characters I was introduced to, my favorite had to be the “ex-party girl” who wanted to change her life and try out PR, who if I’m correct was afraid she looked fat in her out fit.

Is it just me or does this show give yet another unrealistic representation of the entire public relations profession? As if characters like Samantha from Sex in the City and shows like Kell on Earth didn’t make us look bad enough, now there’s The SPINdustry. The title says it all, “spin”- it’s probably the worst word they could have possibly used. Calling the show “The SPINdustry” just confirms what people already falsely accuse public relations practitioners of doing, spinning and manipulating the truth. This show is a fabricated idea of PR and is created to boost ratings; it is NOT by any means real PR.

My fear as a public relations major is the fact that shows like these are diminishing the value of the degree and the fact that stakeholders are going to stop taking PR seriously. This should give us all something to think about.

If you must watch the show, it airs Sundays and 10:30 on E Entertainment. Watch it to get a good laugh.

Check out Command PR’s website: Click Here

-Aqlesia Sahle, Junior, PRestige Account Executive of Development


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