PRoviding Insight – Pitching to Blogs

7 Tips On Pitching Bloggers

1. No cold calls. Bloggers are busy just like the rest of us!

2. Do your homework! Three minutes of research can ensure that you are pitching something that will be of use to the blogger!

3. Keep it simple! Short and to the point is best. Put yourself in the blogger’s shoes, what would you want to receive?

4. Avoid attachments! It just adds an unnecessary step.

5. Avoid mass emails! “Dear Josh, I really love your blog” is not a tailored pitch. Spend some time tailoring your pitch and demonstrate that you have actually read the blog!

6. Know the consumer! Consider where the blog’s viewers are coming home. Is there another site that links to the blog? The more you know about the blog’s readers, the more effectively you can prove to the blog editor that your client is worthy of featuring!

7. Technology is great, but it’s not everything! Form face-to-face relationships with bloggers whenever possible!


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