Kind words for PRestige in…Portugese?

During the summer, I am the worst kind of insomniac.  I will stay up until the early morning hours, my face illuminated by the glow of my laptop screen.  Tonight was no exception when I checked the stats for this blog.  Since it’s summer, updates have been a little slow – but the Internet never sleeps!  I have the proof.  Among the list of blogs that have linked to ours, I found the following information with surprise and glee.

I present to you PiaR – what I think is a PR blog based in Portugal by Alexandre Guerra and Rodrigo Saraiva.


On June 10th, they wrote an entry about student pr agencies,  Agência de estudantes (?!) , and mentioned PRestige Agency, linking their readers to our blog!

My Portugese is a little rusty (to know by how much, calculate the odds of a girl with Scandinavian and Germanic descent knowing Portugese) but Rodrigo writes (in Portugese) that student pr agencies are “a good way [for students to] deal better with the lions when they are thrown into the ring.”

It sounds like the unspoken reality of the field of public relations. (I josh!)

I would say this is definitely a milestone for PRestige Agency.  We are facing our “One Year Anniversary” this fall and we have so much more to accomplish.   As Director of Development and Publicity,  it’s safe to say we have to meet expectations more than ever.  Not only do we have our fellow students, professors, and clients depending on us, we also have fans in Portugal.

The crest for those in international public relations?

The crest for those in international public relations?


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