Prominent with PRestige – Micah Jesse
Almost every PR major at Hofstra University has heard the name “Micah Jesse“.  Whether the mere mention makes you smile or roll your eyes in recognition, one cannot help by wonder how one student has made a name for himself in only a few short years.

If you are among the few who don’t know who Micah Jesse is, according to, Micah is ” the ubiquitous party promoter/PR assistant/social gay from Hofstra University who has recently been making headlines“.

In an attempt to find out the strategy behind the (safe to say) brand Micah Jesse, we asked Micah himself.

What is your strategy when promoting yourself/your clients?

I’d like to say there is no defined ‘strategy.’ However, every move I make is strategic in one way or another. My main goal is to promote positivity in entertainment. I will send blast e-mails/Facebook messages with a link to a specific blog post if I think it will make many people smile. For instance, when I upload lip sync videos to my YouTube channel – I know men, women, parents, etc. all love it! So, it’s fun for me! I don’t take myself too seriously.

Which do you promote more, yourself, or your clients? When do you cross the line from helping out a client and self promotion?

I would say myself and my website,, because I am a brand. I have built my own brand. I have a logo, a caricature, and a color scheme that is regonizable. So, to keep my website and my brand as a “top-of-mind” topic, I promise myself and on a daily basis.

What do you have planned for the future? What is all the work and effort you have put forth leading up to?

The future for me is looking bright! It seems like people are really keen on my message of positivity in entertainment. But, there’s so many things I want to do. I’ve always loved doing red carpet corresponding/hosting so that is what I’m aiming for post-graduation! After that, who knows? Stay tuned…

Are you worried about what the experts are saying – that blogs may become insignificant in a few years?

I haven’t heard that. I’ve actually heard the opposite- that soon magazines will all be in blog form online and people will be reading magazines on their PDAs, Blackberry’s, and iPhones. What I will say is this — technology is moving briskly, and we must keep up!

You live the dream that many envy – is there anything else you wish for?

I live the dream? Thank you. You know, I’m thankful every morning I wake up to just be alive. That’s the honest truth. People look at me as an up-and-coming “celebrity” of sorts. However, I don’t see it. I just see myself as me, having fun, doing what I love. I can’t complain, right? I think it should be everyone’s goal to love what they do to the point where it nears obsession. That way, it never gets old! I love what I do.


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