“Current Events” – Affairs of the Heart, fabricated

A very broad and basic definition of what PR people do is represent their client’s needs and shape the image they want to portray. Publicists who represent entertainers have a harder job. Entertainers are constantly in the public eye therefore PR people have to be creative and think on their feet. Sometimes going against their moral and ethic codes to get the job done.

Jonathan Hay, one of the most sought out Publicists in entertainment, fabricated the Jay Z-Beyonce-Rihanna love triangle to generate publicity for Rihanna. He confessed this in an interview with Associated Content

He generated a massive amount of media for Rihanna’s first single “Pon de Replay” through social media networks, tabloids, and message boards.  It just shows you how powerful these networks have become in the Public Relations field. 

He was hired by producer Vada Nobles to generate publicity for Rihanna’s first single “Pon De Replay”.

  At first the song wasn’t generating any attention but after the alleged love affair, people took attention.

Jonathan Hay said in the interview he kept the rumor leak a secret because he knew people would be against it and it was kept from Rihanna and Vada Nobles.  Hay went against his own morals and belief systems because he felt it was the only way to launch the artist. Jonathan Hay felt he had to do it to keep his job. He was willing to do whatever it takes as long as the end result was good.

The rumors could have painted a bad image of Rihanna that would not be easy to erase. It could have ruined the relationship of Jay Z and Beyonce. Rumors can be hurtful and in some situations destroy someone’s career.

Situations like this gives PR people a bad reputation.

Is it worth going against your morals to further your career or keep a client?

– Marise Montrose, Hofstra PR Sophomore


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