What’s Your Twitter Personality?

Media Caffeine

Media Caffeine has developed a list of 14 different Twitter Personalities pertaining to a person’s tweeting style and intentions with the site.

I think I’m :

The Clever Purist

The Clever Purist will answer the question just as stated. The difference between them and The Purist is that they put a spin on their tweets to make their actions more entertaining or interesting than they really are. These users can accumulate a strong following once they are noticed as other users see them as adding value a notch above others in their stream.

Any time you can take the mundane and throw a spin into it that makes people think, smile, laugh, or a combination of the three, you’re sure to be followed and retweeted often. The funny ones employ a Seinfeld-esque style of looking at nothing and making something out of it.

Tweeting Style:

  • I’m ____ing (something mundane) while I’m ____ing (something interesting)
  • Watching ____ on TV begs the (interesting) question ______?
  • Have you ever noticed that ____ would be better with bacon on it?


What is your Twitter personality?

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