mtvU and Santa Claus come to Hofstra

Friday morning I was walking from class to the Honors College Office when I saw a crowd in front of Axinn Library. A film crew was filming an intro for mtvU’s “Dean’s List” with a varied demographic of Hofstra students in the shot. University Relations was involved, represented by Lindsey Calabrese. Took some pictures on the cell phone, ran to a computer, uploaded onto the blog, and Twittered it. Sam Rubenfeld, Senior News Editor of the Hofstra Chronicle, asked within five minutes for the pictures. It’s just an example of how often a PR rep has to play journalist.

Sadly enough, the crew did not capture Mike LaFemina dressed as Santa for PSU’s “Energy Theater”. Headed by Progressive Student’s Union (PSU), the group “works collectively on generating awareness of energy issues before the third and final debate arrives at the University.” (Thank you Chronicle). Friday’s act was called “Clean Coal is as Real as Santa Claus”. (there was concern about the day care groups of young children wandering the campus).

Pay attention for more updates about the final Presidential Debate this week. Various PRestige staff members are volunteering either with University Relations or in the Media Filing Center. This is a very exciting time in our history and the PRestige staff and everyone involved is grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity.


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