PRestige and PRSSA’s New Frontier

This is an exciting time for some of us here at Hofstra involved in our University’s chapter of PRSSA. This blog is one of our first steps toward developing a running public relations agency. As you may already have noticed, we are calling ourselves PRestige Agency. Members of PRSSA have been meeting, brainstorming, and tapping into our creative minds to help create a strategy to develop an agency within our chapter of PRSSA. We are starting at the bottom and working hard through this current semester, in order to have PRestige Agency fully staffed and operating for the Fall semester of 2008.
As we develop the foundation for our agency, you will see posts from members working on the agency development, pictures from events, and everything else in between. This is a thrilling time for all of us creating this agency. Keep your eye out for all of our trials, tribulations, and hopefully SUCCESS in the coming weeks and months!


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